Greetings, Survivors – the new patch for Impact Winter is now available! Mojo Bones and Bandai Namco have been working on several improvements and fixes to the game, including resolution/aspect ratio issues, and new layouts for button prompts and menus, with assets scaling accordingly.

Other tweaks include:

  • Issue addressed where players could get stuck on the Safe menu, and various localisation fixes (including clipping text issues for English)
  • Maggie can now get injured whilst crafting
  • Physics will no longer update when the game is paused
  • Cough animation no longer makes the NPCs sit
  • Searchable collision detection fixed to be more precise (now allowing overlapping searchables to be selected)
  • Ordering updated to stop icons appearing in front of menus, and strangers no longer “pop-in,” to player’s view
  • Corrupted search outline graphic fixed for some searchables, the bug where Ako-Light would become stuck when digging in RC mode has been fixed, and the bug to fix missing “Forgotten,” characters on the external map. Finally, the rope entrance animation no longer plays in the wrong places, and other smaller misc. issues have been patched up.

Impact Winter is available on Steam for PC, for £16.