The console open beta for Destiny 2 for all PS4 and Xbox One players has officially launched, as of July 21, 2017.

Features of the beta include:

  • Experience the opening cinematic story missions, “Homecoming.”
  • The chance to complete the three-player co-operative strike, the “Inverted Spire.”
  • Fight other players in two competitive modes; both of these use the 4v4 mode.
  • First of said modes is “Countdown,” which is paired with Midtown. A new mode, players spawn on either Offense or Defense, and when the round ends, they switch sides and roles. The goal is to plant a bomb at the enemy base, and then defend it until it explodes. Each round is worth one point, and the first team to six wins. To revive a teammate, you must use a revive token, and power weapon ammo is only granted to the one player who pulls it. You’ll need to work as a team if you want to win.

Destiny 2

  • The second mode is “Control,” which is paired with Endless Vale, and is a newly refined look at the competitive mode “Control.” Players capture and defend zones to earn points, while defeating their opponents to gain additional ones. If all zones are captured, players will receive a power play to gain additional points per kill.
  • We’ve also got info on the two new maps – Midtown is set in a mysteriously abandoned part of the last safe city on Earth, and Lord Shaxx is using it as a training ground for dangerous live fire exercises using captured Cabal ordinance.
  • Endless Vale, on the other hand, is on the new world, Nessus, a planetoid featuring soaring vistas, beautiful alien vegetation, and the hallmarks of the Vex effort to transform the planet into one of their machine worlds.

Destiny 2

  • Subclasses have their own unique abilities, movement modes, and grenades to choose from, but they also have one of two primary abilities – Warlocks get Dawnblade and Voidwalker, Hunters, Sentinel and Striker, and Titans get to pick either Arcstrider or Gunslinger.
  • You’ll also get more than 20 weapons to equip in the beta, including three Exotics: Sweet Business, Sunshot, and Risk Runner. Three armour sets are available for each class, for a total of nine complete sets, and 45 individual pieces.
  • Finally, the beta has the all important dancing emotes, and a great range of social interactions: wave, sit, and point.

Destiny 2 will launch for PS4 and Xbox One on September 6, 2017.