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Mobile games have exploded into the public consciousness in recent years, making the mobile gaming industry one of the fastest growing sectors in technology globally. The ubiquity of mobiles and the popularity of games such as Angry Birds and Pokémon Go mean that there are now millions of casual and professional players worldwide.

As a result, this has seen an increase in the interest in gaming trends with everyone following developments to keep abreast with the latest hits. With that in mind, this post takes a look at the 3 best mobile games of 2017 as listed below:

Monument Valley 2 

Given the success of the initial tile in the series, Monument Valley, this sequel was perhaps the one under the most pressure of expectation this year. However with Monument Valley 2, developers Ustwo have outdone themselves again to produce a unique and wonderful mobile gaming experience once more.

While gamers often prefer to play something like Thunderstruck 2, games in this genre are beginning to feature more prominently. As with many things, replicating their first success was always going to be difficult, but this title maintains the magic of the story and gameplay feel found in the first title.

The gameplay is of course similar to the first whereby players have to solve puzzles and reach the next level by creating a variety of Escher-style paths. Best of all, Monument Valley introduces fans to a line-up of new characters to expand on the enchanting world introduced to us in the first game.

The Monument Valley franchise has therefore grown into one of the best examples of how to make great mobile games that have depth but can still capture gamers’ imaginations.

Miles and Kilo

Miles and Kilo is the follow-up game to the popular Kid Tripp and is a perfectly designed mobile game that pays homage to side scrolling arcade classics such as popular platfomer Wonder Boy. The latter is not available on mobile and that makes Miles & Kilo the best in the genre on mobile.

2017 has been a good year for this amazing game in which a boy crash lands on an island full of monsters. The player’s objective is to collect all the bits and pieces of his broken vehicle as well as bonus fruit prizes.

The title’s gameplay is simplified to one button for jump and another for attacking, but the enjoyment it offers is by no means simple, it’s a perfect mobile gaming treat!

The Escapists

There seems to be a common theme to the games in this list, perhaps the result of why many of us play mobile games in the first place, to escape reality for a while. The escapist is a console title that is also available on mobile and the strategy game has taken the industry by storm.

Available on Android and IOS, the Escapists sees players try to plot their escape after landing in prison. Far from being simple, this game requires players to research and plan elaborate escape tactics in order to make your eventual break for freedom a success.

With mobile gaming set to continue being a growing and increasingly popular trend thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets, the future looks bright for gaming on mobile. The examples above in our list of the three best mobile games of 2017 are proof of what can be achieved when a perfect balance between mobile technology and game design is achieved.