PS4 and Xbox One players have the chance to play the Dragonball FighterZ closed beta during September 16 and 17

If you’re looking forward to bouncing around the fighting arena, moving faster than your eyes can keep up with, and firing off so many fireballs that you think you’re playing a fireworks simulator – well you’re probably looking forward to playing Dragonball FighterZ.

PS4 and Xbox One players were supposed to be able to sign up for the closed beta on Wednesday, July 26, but in a bid to expand the number of players who can enjoy the beta, Bandai have pushed the sign up date back to August 22. The beta is still going live from September 16-19, the schedule for the European beta sessions is as follows:

  • 1st Session: September 16, 10:00am – 13:00pm (Saturday)
  • 2nd Session: September 16, 18:00pm – 21:00pm (Saturday)
  • 3rd Session: September 17, 2:00am – 5:00am (Sunday)
  • 4th Session: September 17-18, 21:00pm – 00:00am (Sunday/Monday)

These times may change – but probably won’t, if whatever reason they do, you can be sure that we’ll update you!

Another little surprise for fans is that Bandai have increased the playable characters available in the beat to nine, giving you a decent selection to get to grips with over the September weekend. Be sure to check back with GGS Gamer for more news about Dragonball FighterZ as we have it!