Relive the terror with a set of nine vinyl that covers the musical catalogue of Dark Souls

There’s good news for fans of the Dark Souls series! “Is it a new game?” I hear you ask, no! and you should have realised that when you read the headline. Instead, Bandai have announced that a vinyl collection of the Dark Souls soundtrack will be arriving in the autumn.

Spanning across all three games, you’ll get a total of five hours of music inside nine different vinyls. Bandai have sought to make the vinyl collection a must have item for die-hard fans of the series, saying that: ‘ This high-quality trilogy box should be treasured and treated like a collector’s piece.’ They’ve certainly tried to make the items as unique as possible, with only 2000 sets being released and no word as to whether there’ll be more on the way.

Dark Souls Vinyl

Whether or not this is a one time only offer, or Bandai do give in and release more, the soundtrack certainly is a nice addition for any Dark Souls fan, with such memorable songs included, like:

  • The song that was playing when you fell to your death because you weren’t looking around properly
  • That song that was playing when you were killed by the giant for the eighth time
  • That other song that was playing as you contemplated whether you harbour masochistic tendencies
  • And who can forget the song that was playing when you realised that, yes, you are a bit of a masochist – but that’s okay.

Kotaku have reported that the soundtrack will set fans back around £109 – so if you’re intent on buying it, you may want to start saving now! This is by no means the weirdest collectable you can get for Dark Souls, remember the Dark Souls tea?