TellTale have also confirmed that Minecraft Season 1 will arrive on the Switch in August

If you’ve been scratching at the walls in anxiety about Jesse and friends, then fear not! TellTale have confirmed that Minecraft Season 2 will return with Episode 2, on August 15. The episode will pick up right after the first episode in which Jesse and company (worst band name ever) escaped the Sea Temple with a new adventure seemingly about to unravel.

If you haven’t had a chance to play the series yet. Take a look at the trailer below and decide if you want to jump in come August 15, well for PS4, Xbox One, and PC – but Switch players have a bit of good news as well!

Alongside the announcement for the second episode of the Minecraft Story, TellTale also confirmed that the Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure’ will be heading to the Switch on August 22 in North America, and August 25 for Europe. The Complete Adventure features all five episodes of Season One, plus three bonus episodes for players to sink their teeth into. Though for a game that’s been on console and PC for a while, the $40 price tag may be a bit too much for some players – we’re still waiting for a confirmed UK price, but expect it to be around the £35-40 mark.

Telltale haven’t yet confirmed whether the second season will arrive on the Switch, but at this point, it seems pretty likely that Switch players will get the chance to continue their Minecraft story sooner rather than later.