Players will also get to play the new Survival expansion for free over the weekend


The latest update for The Division – 1.7 – will arrive for console and PC on August 15, bringing with it a host of new features and events that’ll help make the post-apocalyptic a little more funsies (Warning: your idea of ‘funsies’ may not coincide with those of Ubisoft). Along with the new update, Ubisoft are giving players a free trial of the new Survival expansion between August 18-20.

Among the new updates are the introduction of new global events. Which will continue to challenge players and reward those worthy few with some loot. The first global event, entitled ‘Outbreak’ will begin August 15 at 6 pm (BST) and run through until August 22. The challenge will see enemy behaviour change drastically as heightened chemical exposure in some areas alters their usually totally laid back attitude – sorry what’s that? …not laid back at all? Are you sure?

The next notable update is that player ‘Feats’ are being renamed as ‘Commendations’, they will work in the same manner, as players complete tasks of varying difficulty in order to obtain prizes – which I believe is how most post-apocalyptic militias work.

Finally, update 1.7 introduces new encrypted caches, which are pretty much loot boxes. The new set of loot boxes will contain new gear and emotes for players to use as you run for your life. Players can get these new caches (loot boxes) by collecting keys around the world or purchasing them with premium credits – which I may be wrong in thinking, but can probably be bought with ‘premium’ real money.

The update will also deliver some new gameplay fixes for the Survival expansion, which – if you remember – is free for all player between August 18-20. The survival expansion strips players of all equipment and has them face off against one another in a 24-player brawl-fest. Players will not only have to protect themselves from other players and hunters, but also from the weather – so don’t just run around in your pants because it looks cool okay? The Survival expansion is a breath of fresh air for the game and to be honest, we haven’t seen anything like it in recent years. Sorry, what? Player who? What’s Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds?