But is it enough to get fans excited for Marvel v Capcom after a fairly underwhelming period?


Capcom showed off some of the story mode in the latest Capcom vs Marvel instalment – Infinite. The trailer lays out the main plot of the story, with Marvel heroes and Capcom fighters uniting to defeat Ultron who’s up to his old shenanigans of trying to alter the DNA of all living creatures- what a scamp. You can watch the new trailer below.

The trailer also shows off the makings of a civil war between two factions – led by Captain America and Ironman –  as a feud breaks out of what the heroes are willing to do in order to stop Ultron.

Early reception of the game has been somewhat lacklustre and this trend may be set to continue as the game’s roster contains a fairly low number of characters. Though, with the news of a fairly decent story mode, along with ranked online matches – there may be some hope for the latest iteration of Marvel vs Capcom. But you have to admit, seeing Megaman next to Ironman isn’t as cool as you thought it would be.