Yep, Final Fantasy has teamed up with Domino’s to bring Final Fantasy-themed pizzas to their Austrailian customers – with a choice of five themed pizzas, AND the chance to nab a free copy of Final Fantasy 14 Online!

Starting today, Australians can order a ‘Final Fantasy XIV Pizza and Gaming bundle’ – containing three traditional pizzas, one garlic bread, and a drink – for $50.00 and receive a Final Fantasy 14 Online download code for PS4 or PC, while stocks last. The code will include the base game as well as the expansions, Heavensward and Stormblood.

The Chocobo Chow pizza includes Chicken, Pineapple, Capsicum, Mushrooms, Onion and Spring Onion. In addition to this, four of Domino’s most popular pizzas have been given a Final Fantasy twist:

BBQ Meatlovers – Moogle’s Meatlovers
Vegorama – Curious Cactuar
Supreme – Stormblood Supreme
Hawaiian – Heavensward Hawaiian

Square Enix recently announced that Final Fantasy 14 has reached over 10 million players, confirming the success of the lastest expansion, Stormblood.

Sadly, there isn’t any news of this promo leaving Austrailia at the current time.