Unrect is like a crossover of Worms and Minecraft – and that’s a good thing

Unrect – a game designed and developed by a single person, Sedat Yasir, has had its first gameplay trailer released and you can take a look below.

The game drops the player off in the role of a strange red blobby… thing that must search and store life essence. Along the way, you’ll have to expand your colony as you search expands across a large 2D sandbox. You’ll come across fellow colonists who’ll need your protection from night time predators.

Unrect takes on a lot of the same survival aspects of Minecraft, as players build shelters and gather food, whilst the mechanics for directing fellow blobby colonists brings back memories of directing violent worms through battlefields.

There’s no word yet on when Unrect will be available but check back soon for more news as we have it – and be sure to let us know what you think of the gameplay either in the comments below or on Twitter @GGSGamer.