Ubisoft has detailed the next update set to hit Tom Clancy’s The Division on all platforms some time this fall. Dubbed Resistance, the update will will add two new games modes along with expanding the game map with a new area. The new area, West Side Pier, is a completely new area spread across two new zones and accessible for all players. It also features a new social hub: Camp Clinton.

The two new game modes are:

  • Resistance (PvE mode): the different factions are teaming up for the first time to fight against Division agents. Varied enemy NPCs continuously spawn in waves as up to four agents try to survive for as long as they can and earn rewards.
  • Skirmish (PvP mode): two teams of four players compete against each other to get the highest number of kills before the time expires. Teams earn points each time a downed enemy player is eliminated.

Along with new content, the update will bring improvements to the Underground DLC, revamp of the rogue mechanics and a tweak for the gear system.