EA Sports has just launched NHL 18, and it’s a fun and fast-paced hockey experience for you all to enjoy – details below…

New features include new Creative Attack controls, an all-new Defensive Skill Stick, Creative A.I, a brand-new 3-on-3 gameplay experience, as well as a lot more co-op and multiplayer choices, this is one of the most jampacked NHL games yet.

There’s also NHL THREES mode, allowing you to play 3 on 3 matches with unique areas and new commentaries, as well as faster gameplay, bigger hits, and high-scoring action that can be experienced through both couch co-op and competitive online team play. On or offline, you can play against different teams/leagues on the circuit, unlocking rewards as you go.

“There’s a generational shift happening in the NHL right now where younger players like Connor McDavid are bringing more speed, skill and creativity to the game than we’ve ever seen before” said Sean Ramjagsingh, Sr. Producer, NHL® 18. “We’re so excited to bring that to life in NHL 18 with features that reflect that new NHL®, like insane skill moves and faster, 3-on-3 hockey.”

Some of those aforementioned new features are Creative Attack moves, which are either offense or defense. On offense, creative dekes include between-the-legs moves, one-handed dekes, and the ability to branch, moves together for quick play-by-play decision making. On defense, the Defensive Skill Stick gives players full control of their stick to take away passing lanes, deflect shots, and poke the puck away. The tool allows players to counter attacks with poke check targeting, extended poles, and controlled stick sweeps to cover zones of the ice.

Franchise Mode has also been expanded on, including a new Expansion Draft feature that lets players reshape the entire NHL by adding and drafting a 32nd team. Through the Expansion Draft, players can run an authentic draft experience to build a dynamic roster as well as take on the front office role to manage the team, the business and the games. You can start in a variety of cities, including ones spanning North America and Europe, then use the Creation Zone to choose an arena, design a uniform and a logo, and for the first time ever – design your very own mascot. Plus, via Expansion Draft, you get to experience the Las Vegas Knights first, complete with authentic rosters, uniforms, and logos.

Finally, there’s more ways to team up and compete in multiplayer than ever before. With over 64 different combinations of multiplayer gameplay – including the ability to create a team of local couch players combined with online players from their own console, you’ll never be bored.


NHL 18 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.