Return to Gaia with Zidane and the rest of the loveable goons from Final Fantasy 9 right now on PS4


Let me set the scene for you: it’s the year 2000 and SquareSoft have already set out the new road map for the Final Fantasy series. They explained that FF7 was a turning point for the series, but before they try something rather avant-garde for the series, they’re going to go back to their roots with Final Fantasy 9. And so in that strange time when your computer still screamed in agony when it connected to the internet, fans were given one last true Final Fantasy title. And now – 17 years later, you can return to Gaia to save the world all over again with the new PS4 port of Final Fantasy 9.

The game has been given a surface makeover, with new HD graphics, trophies, and the ability to speed up gameplay and switch off random encounters, similar to the features we saw in the re-release of Final Fantasy 7 for PS4.

Final Fantasy 9 PS4 port | GGS Gamer

Final Fantasy 9 is a far cry from the lads on tour romp that FF15 delivered, or the divisive MMO styled games the series turned to in later years. So, if you want an idea of Final Fantasy in its prime, then pick up a copy of FF9 today!

You can download a copy on the PS Store now for £17, whilst PS Plus members can get the game for £14 until September 26.