TellTale has released a new episode for Season 2 of Minecraft: Story Mode. Additionally, they’ve released the Season 2 season disc at retail in North America and will be available tomorrow in Europe.

Dubbed Jailhouse Block, here’s a synopsis of the episode:

Having bested The Admin’s icy obstacles, Jesse and the gang are rewarded with a one-way trip to The Sunshine Institute, a nigh inescapable prison buried at the bottom of the world and filled with all manner of miscreants. In order to make it back home, Jesse has to find a way to break out, even if that means employing a few desperate measures…

Additionally, Telltale has released an update which adds a bevvy of new language tracks: German, Spanish, and French.

Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two Episode Three is now available for Mac, PC, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Android and iOS devices.