Team17 has today announced a new trailer for Sword Legacy: Omen, a tactical RPG developed by Firecast Studios and Fableware Narrative Design.

In this game, you never fight alone. On your journey through Broken Britannia, a band of unlikely heroes joins Uther Pendragon, and vows to aid him in his quest for vengeance. Each hero is individually equipped with both passive and active skills, and your comrades’ different strengths are crucial to dominating the battlefield. Combine them wisely!

The Heroes of Broken Britannia are as follows:

Uther: The Fallen Knight
The unwilling leader of the group and once one of Britannia’s greatest champions. Uther is set on a path of revenge after the murder of his Lord and craves for blood. Eviscerate your foes with heavy sword attacks, breaking their willpower in brutal close-quarters combat.

Flint: The Wild Keeper
The first non-human member of the group, a Faye. Armed with a bow and deadly precision, Flint’s vigilant eye and wicked spirit provide ranged support on the battlefield. Call on the wilds of the woods and bring your loyal wolf and wily raven to join the fray.

Felix: The Faithful Priest
A vital member of the team, Felix uses his faith in the goddess Terah to heal his comrades and provide buffs to weapons and armour. Don’t be fooled by his appearance, he also has the power to curse foes and he’s… a little odd.

Sword Legacy Omen

Gwen: The Devious Thief
She swiftly dashes among crowds and pickpockets with her deft hands. Yet the only thing sharper than her daggers is her tongue. Use stealth to your advantage, flank your enemies and deliver brutal finishing blows before disappearing into the shadows.

Gorr: The Gutsy Blacksmith
The second Faye of the group, Gorr can use the power of the smelt to torch enemies in a devastating inferno. Lay brutal iron traps for your enemies to fall into, leaving them vulnerable for a merciless smack of the hammer.

Merlin: The Eldritch Sorcerer
Everyone has heard tales of the cryptic old man who travels the land of Broken Britannia. Hailing from an unknown origin and with power beyond measure, Merlin is able to use an arsenal of powerful spells to burn, electrocute and bewitch foes.

Duanne: The Loyal Lancer
An inexperienced lad whose love for adventure drives him to conquer all fears and travel the world. Duanne uses the lance to aid his friends by dragging enemies into range, using the weapon’s size to his advantage by slashing multiple foes at once.

Ferghus: The Fearless Barbarian
Don’t bother telling Ferghus the times are changing and vicious battles of yore are over. This fearsome Barbarian of brutal strength obliterates his enemies with devastating blows from his long axe. Rough, tough and ready to fight, Ferghus is a stoic cold remnant of a culture on the verge of radical change.


Sound fun? Sword Legacy: Omen is out for PC in 2018.