Assassins Creed publisher Ubisoft, has announced a collaboration with headphone makers Focal. This will result in two limited edition runs of Assassins Creed branded Focal headphones.

There will be two versions of the wireless headphones, which are emblazoned with the Assassins Creed: Origins insignia and design. One version will be a very limited Focal Utopia Headset created by French jewellers Tournaire, which will retail for around €50,000. This Headset incorporates parts decorated with 18-carat gold.

Also available exclusively from the Ubisoft store are Assassins Creed Focal headphones for €250. These headphones will have Bluetooth connectivity and an average battery life of 20 hours. They are also equipped with a “clear voice capture” double microphone system for improved party chat and conversations. This limited run will be for 2,222 units.

If you have the spare cash to splash, then head on over to