Final Fantasy 14’s latest expansion Stormblood has been out for a good few months now, and we are expecting the latest patch for that expansion to go live on October 10, 2017.

Patch 4.1 ‘The Legend Returns’ introduces the Ivalice Raid content which will take players to the ruins of the city of Rabanastre, and also continues the main scenario questline and story.

There will be a new housing area called ‘Shirogane’, a far-eastern themed area, that will be available for players to purchase a housing plot.

An update to PvP includes new mode ‘Rival Wings’ where two teams of 24 players go head to head in an attempt to assault and destroy the opposing team’s tower. Players will be able to pilot goblin creations such as the ‘Oppressor’ and ‘Cruise Chaser’ to engage the opposing team and help win the objective.