There are lots to look forward to in the coming months in GTA5 Online. We will have new stunt races to enjoy and also new modes to accompany those.

Stunt Races have evolved slightly, and we will have the races taking place on land, in the sea, and up high in the sky. Courses will cover all terrains and players will have to use a selection of vehicle to transition between them. So get practising in your super-cars, 4x4s, jet skis, planes and helicopters. You will even have to make sure that you have packed your parachute for a few sections.

Along with the stunt racing update, there will be new modes to spice things up. First, there is ‘Condemned’, a tag style game where one player remains the target until they kill an opponent to pass along their marked status, and secondly, ‘Dogfight’, an aerial battle to the DEATH!

New vehicles on the horizon include the ‘Hunter’ attack helicopter, ‘Coil Cyclone’ supercar, and the super exciting ‘Vigilante’ a Batmobile lookalike that I can’t wait to see cruising around with a hot-pink paint job.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.