It’s finally here!

After being revealed at this year’s E3, the original Xbox game backward compatibility program on Xbox One has finally begun!

Through an update that rolled out yesterday, players can now play classic Xbox titles on their Xbox One. As of now, only 13 titles are available to play, but we expect Microsoft to keep that list growing over time, much like they’ve been doing with Xbox 360 titles:

  • Black
  • Bloodrayne 2
  • Crimson Skies
  • Dead to Rights
  • Fuzion Frenzy
  • Grabbed by the Ghoulies
  • King of Fighters: Neowave
  • Ninja Gaiden Black
  • Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
  • Psychonauts
  • Red Faction 2
  • Sid Meier’s Pirates
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

The games have also been upscaled to four times the pixel count on Xbox One/S and 16 on the upcoming Xbox One X. This is an amazing opportunity to revisit classic titles or give them a chance if you missed it. I, for one, will finally be able to try Knights of the Old Republic.

Along with this good news, Microsoft also revealed that a few Xbox 360 games will have a higher resolution, nine times the original pixel count and expanded color details, on Xbox One x. Among those games are Halo 3 and Fallout 3.