Four DLC expansions are laid out for the coming months in the latest trailer

It’s only been out for a couple of weeks, but the much-acclaimed Shadow of War has already released a roadmap of the upcoming DLC, starting with the Slaughter Tribe expansion that arrives in November. You can see the trailer for each expansion in the trailer below.

The roadmap lays out four DLC which will go on until May 2018. So, what’s in the box? Let’s take a look…

Slaughter Tribe (November 2018)

The first expansion will see the titular Slaughter Tribe of orcs set-up shop in Mordor, bringing with them new missions and battles that put the Nemesis system to further use.

This Slaughter Tribe offer a much stealthier opponent that what players will have previously come across. Meaning that you’re never sure when they’ll be about to strike.

The November expansion will also bring new fortresses and challenges centred around Legendary orcs who reward you with rare gear once you’ve drank their sweet orcish blood…


Outlaw Tribe (December 2017)

No, unfortunately this isn’t a cowboy/Middle Earth crossover. Instead the Outlaw Tribe is whole other bunch of orcs that presumably will have seen how much the Slaughter Tribe have prospered in Mordor and have decided to join in.

Much like the first expansion, the Outlaws will bring new missions, challenges, and fortresses to the game. But the difference is that the Outlaw Tribe have a pretty big aversion to being told what to do, an attitude that wil surely bring up some fairly interesting scenarios when it comes to trying to recruit them into your ranks… good luck with that.


Blades of Galadriel (February 2018)

The first story expansion – Blades of Galadriel – will have players take control of an elven assassin. You’ll be able to dual-wield swords as you look to dispatch the newest members of the Nazgul.

We don’t have much more information than that for what the story has to offer. Though, we’ve been told that the expansion will introduce new enemies for the nemesis system as well as new orcs for you to recruit and bring into the main campaign.

Desolation of Mordor (May 2018)

The second story expansion will also have players take control of a new character, namely the Captiain of Minas Ithil – Baranor. This lucky chap is the sole survivor of Mordor’s destruction and he’s been dragged in to deal with a new threat from, can you guess? – Orcs!

The Mordor expansion will build on the game’s crafting system with the help of a dwarven hunter named Torvin. You’ll also be able to hire mercenaries to deal with this new threat, but it may be the case that these mercenaries aren’t the most loyal of allies, because… you know… mercenaries, am I right?

So, that’s what the future of Shadow of War looks like. The DLC will be free for those who’ve bought the Gold Edition, whilst everyone else will have to fork out £33 for a Season Pass. Though, we’ve been told that the first three expansion can be bought separately for £12, whilst the Desolation of Mordor DLC will cost £16 to buy individually.