It’s that time of year when even non-horror games get scary-makeover and the Halloween update for Fortnite – called Fortnitemares (yes, really) is no different. Offering new content for both the Save the World and Battle Royale, so strap yourselves in and take a look at the trailer beloooooow… like a ghost… because… Halloween. Just watch the trailer.

So, what do we get? Well, the Save the World mode whas been given some new story missions, along with a new area call Hexsylvania. Add to this new enemies, weapons, and other extra bits and there seems to be quite a bit for players to sink their teeth into.

Battle Royale’s update is less spooktacular (sorry), with the introduction of leaderboards, level progression, and the obligatory weapons and cosmetic updates for players. So, not as scary – unless you’re scared of organised fun, in which case it’s terrifying!