Welcome to a very special One Hour Tour! First off, I apologize for the lack of videos. My new job has taken a lot of time and energy so I had a hard time so schedule stuff.

But I’m back with a doozy! Ever since Microsoft had announced backward compatibility for original Xbox games, I was patiently waiting for the day for the program would kick off. And obviously, I had my fingers crossed that my favorite Xbox game would be available quickly. Oh boy was I excited when I saw that Ninja Gaiden Black would be part of the first 13 games.

So of course, I had to come out of my impromptu hiatus from streaming to stream it. The video below features the game’s first three chapters. Last time I played it was 4 years ago on PS3; the Sigma version. So I was a bit rusty, but the rust went away as I played.

P.S.: Seeing as I hadn’t used my XB1 mic in a while, I had completely forgotten that my mic was off! So sorry for the mute run.