What are the best perks for Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus?

If you are already playing Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, or are thinking of doing so, you may be looking for some information on what perks would work best for you? Well, hopefully this perk guide will help give you an informed choice.

Now, there are three types of playstyle for Wolfenstein; and B.J. Blazkowicz would have you make use of them to help guide him through the Nazi-infested USA and other off-world outposts.

The three kinds of playstyle available for The New Colossus are Stealth, Mayhem, and Tactical; with each playstyle having its own feel and obvious advantages and disadvantages. The perks are unlocked by completing the associated challenge. For example, getting 50 headshots to complete the ‘Headshot kills’ perk. So, let’s have a look at all the perks available, and what they offer you for completion.

If sneaking around all Ninja-like is your thing; we have the stealth perks.


  • Stealth takedowns
    Silently killing soldiers from behind using stealth takedowns.
    Reward: Increased movement speed in crouch
    Up to 50%
  • Enigma codes
    Collecting enigma codes found by searching dead commanders.
    Reward: Commander alarm signals are jammed, delaying alarm activation
    Up to 1.00 seconds
  • Thrown hatchet kills
    Killing enemies by throwing hatchets at the target.
    Reward: Increased total hatchet capacity
    Carry 5 extra hatchets
  • Quick Commander kill
    Killing commanders before they activate the alarm.
    Reward: Increased damage with suppressed weapons
    Up to 50%
  • Takedowns or tampers
    Performing takedowns on or tampering with robotic enemies.
    Reward: Get Laser-Kraft and Blitzen-Diesel ammunition when tampering
    Up to 5 extra ammo
  • Constrictor kills
    Killing enemies while using the Constrictor harness ability.
    Reward: Increases movement speed when using constrictor harness
    Up to 50% increased movement speed

If running into the fray with all guns blazing is more your style; the mayhem perks are for you.


  • Heavy weapon kills
    Killing enemies using heKillseapons, such as the Hammergewehr.
    Reward: Increased magazine size in detached heavy weapons
    Up to 100%
  • Grenade kills
    Killing enemies with the Handgranate.
    Reward: Increased grenade capacity
    Carry up to 5 extra grenades
  • Dual-wield kills
    Killing enemies while dual-wielding weapons.
    Reward: Increased total capacity for carried ammunition with more clips
    Carry up to 5 extra clips
  • Overcharged kill
    Killing enemies while health is overcharged.
    Reward: Slower deflate on health overcharge
    Up to 100%
  • Combat takedown
    Killing opponents using combat takedowns when up close to the enemy.
    Reward: Increased speed for regenerating health
    Up to 50%
  • Ram shackle kills
    Killing enemies by tackling them while using the Ram shackles ability.
    Reward: Increased amount of armour from enemy dropped armour pieces
    Up to 50%

And finally, the tactical perks; if your style is to be more forward-thinking and efficient. Taking the time to stun robotic enemies and dismantling them whilst they are incapacitated.


  • Kills by burning
    Killing enemies by using flames, such as the Dieselgewehr.
    Reward: Reduced damage taken from Blitzen-Diesel weapons
    Up to 50%
  • Electrical stun kills
    Stunning mechanical enemies by use of electrical damage, then destroying them while incapacitated.
    Reward: Reduced damage taken from laser weapons
    Up to 50%
  • Environmental kills
    Killing enemies by making use of explosive objects in the environment.
    Reward: Reduces damage taken by explosives
    Up to 50%
  • Enemy grenade kills
    Killing enemies by using their own grenades, for example by shooting at it before it’s thrown.
    Reward: Longer time before enemies grenades explode
    Up to 1.00 seconds
  • Headshot kills
    Killing enemies by shooting them in the head.
    Reward: Increased damage when aiming down sight
    Up to 25%
  • Battle Walker kills
    Killing enemies while using the Battle Walker ability.
    Reward: Increased amount of ammunition from enemy dropped weapons
    Up to 50% extra ammo

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