In Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, there are new items of armour called ‘Contraptions’ and these unique pieces offer new ways to access certain areas of a level and can also influence your playstyle, by enhancing certain attributes.

The contraptions can be discovered by exploring the districts in The New Colossus, but your first contraption is awarded to you as you progress through the campaign, and you must choose one of the three options. What you choose is up to you, so an idea of what each one does can help to provide you with an informed choice.

As mentioned, there are three different contraptions; the Constrictor Harness, Ram Shackles, and Battle Walker. Below is a description of each contraption and the abilities they provide, as well as the perk that becomes available.

Personally, I found the Constrictor Harness to be my favourite, as I tended to use stealth tactics on harder difficulties, but the passives from Ram Shackles (Sturdy & Mechanic) are very useful as well as the convenience of Battle Walkers – Quick draw slowing time when using the weapons wheel.

Constrictor Harness

The Constrictor Harness will compress your torso on activation, allowing you to enter into narrow spaces. Using the harness prevents you from breathing properly. Prolonged use will cause damage and eventually death due to lack of oxygen.
The Constrictor Harness activates automatically when moving in crouch towards an open pipe or crawlspaces too narrow to get under by use of a regular crouch.

  • Kobra
    Crawl into narrow spaces by approaching it while crouched.
  • Silent step
    Regular movement is completely silent and jumping and sprinting makes less noise.
  • Terror-Billy
    Enemies will freeze in horror when spotting player.
  • Iron Lung
    Be able to stay constricted in narrow spaces for a longer duration of time before starting to take damage.
  • Perk: Constrictor Kills
    Killing enemies while using the Constrictor harness ability.
    Reward: Increases movement speed when using constrictor harness
    Up to 50% increased movement speed

Ram Shackles

A metal reinforcement rig protecting your upper body joints, elbows and shoulders. The Ram Shackles allows you to ram through obstacles, smash open reinforced crates and pummel your enemies.
The Ram Shackles will be active when you are sprinting.

  • Rammbock
    Tackle through certain walls, obstacles and enemies by sprinting.
  • Sturdy
    No more falling to the ground from blast waves.
  • Cannon arm
    Throw hatchets and grenades with extreme velocity.
  • Mechanic
    Regenerate armour.
  • Perk: Ram shackle kills
    Killing enemies by tackling them while using the Ram shackles ability.
    Reward: Increased amount of armour from enemy dropped armour pieces.
    Up to 50%

Battle Walker

A mechanical actuator system that is mounted on your legs and activated on demand. Once activated, mechanical supports extend, allowing you to access new areas, vertical covers or other tactically advantageous positions.

  • Wanderer
    Reach new heights using mechanical leg extensions by double tapping jump.
  • Quick draw
    Slows down time when in weapon wheel.
  • Adrenaline
    Health boost reward when killing an enemy.
  • Stamina
    Overcharged health begins to deflate only when taking damage.
  • Perk: Battle Walker kills
    Killing enemies while using the Battle Walker ability.
    Reward: Increased amount of ammunition from enemy dropped weapons
    Up to 50% extra ammo

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