Welcome to Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Weapons Guide, here we will be taking a look at what weapons are at the disposal of B.J. Blazkowicz, and which ones are best for dispatching the Nazi hordes.


All of the normal weapons are able to be upgraded with three items.

Pistole (Pistol)
The Pistole is a standard-issue side-arm frequently used by Nazi commanders. Useful when engaging light armoured enemies at close range.

This weapon is short ranged and low powered but is the best weapon available if you want to play stealth. It has the ability to kill low armoured enemies with a single headshot, but make sure you use an upgrade kit to purchase the suppressor first.


  • Magnum – Higher damage output, increased recoil. Louder.
  • Extended magazine – Doubles up the handgun magazine capacity
  • Suppressor – A handgun equipped with a suppressor fires silently. Highly efficient when trying to sneak through a hostile area.

Sturmgewehr (Assault Rifle)
The Sturmgewehr is a high calibre automatic rifle used by Nazi elite soldiers. Useful when taking on enemies at medium to long range.

For me, this is the best weapon in the game and was my go-to weapon when I was spotted or broke stealth. It’s very powerful and can kill any type of enemy very quickly. All three of the weapon upgrades are useful on this weapon, but my priority goes to armour piercing, marksman scope, and finally the jungle magazine. Using the marksman scope in dual wield makes them extremely accurate and deadly.


  • Marksman scope – Increased accuracy and damage, but fires single shot instead of fully automatic.
  • Amour piercing – Bullets pierce armour and thin sheets of metal. Highly efficient against heavily armoured and mechanical enemies.
  • Jungle magazine – Double magazines taped together for a quick swap between the first two magazines instead of a reload.

Machinenpistole (Sub Machine Gun)
The Machinepistole is a standard-issue sub-machine gun used by the regular Nazi soldier. Its high fire-rate makes it useful for taking on multiple enemies at close range.

This is one of Wolfenstein’s weaker weapons. It has a short range coupled with poor stopping power. Even though the Machinenpistole can be upgraded with a silencer it isn’t as good as the Pistole due to terrible accuracy. The nailgun and drum magazine upgrades improve the weapon a little more, but not enough to make it better than other offerings.


  • Nailgun – Heat-up bullets before leaving the gun, making them travel slower, but causing much more damage upon impact.
  • Drum magazine – Doubles up the maschinepistole magazine capacity.
  • Integral suppressor – A maschinepistole equipped with the integral suppressor fires silently. Highly efficient when trying to sneak through a hostile area.

Schockhammer (Shotgun)
The Schockhammer is a heavy and very powerful triple barrelled fully automatic combat-shotgun.

A very powerful weapon let down by its ridiculously short range. The rotor upgrade is the best here, coupled with the extended magazine to compensate for increased bullet usage. This gun is only any good in close quarters combat. Running and gunning with dual wield is great fun on easy difficulty, but when you turn it up to hard, you will be shot by the enemy before you get in range.


  • Rotor – The rotor upgrade rapidly loads all three barrels of the Schockhammer, allowing you to fire three shells at once for maximum damage output.
  • Extended magazine – Doubles up the Schockhammer magazine capacity.
  • Ricochet – Shrapnel pieces ricochets when hitting a hard surface, causing additional damage to nearby enemies.

Kampfpistole (Grenade / Rocket Launcher)
The Kampfpistole is a singl-shot handgun that fires high-explosive ammunition, useful for taking out multiple enemies simultaneously.

To start with the grenades bounce all over the place and aren’t that effective, but once you have the rocket upgrade, this weapon acts more like an RPG and is a lot more fun to use. The spring loader enables you to fire three grenades at once which is great for taking down enemies like supersoldaten in one burst.


  • Rocket – Grenades traverse straight forward and detonate on impact.
  • Shoulder stock – Updates the Kampfpistole grip to rifle grip, which almost eliminates all recoil.
  • Spring loader – Hold the trigger to charge up and fire up to three grenades in a rapid sequence.

The Laserkraftwerk is a weapon that is very efficient against heavily armoured and mechanised units. The Laserkraftwerk fires high energy laser beams. It also has the ability to melt thin sheets of metal.

Get the Supercharge upgrade first, followed by battery charge, the scope isn’t necessary unless to want it. This weapon is the daddy for taking out large armoured enemies like the Panzerhund (robot-Panthers) and Mechs.


  • Scope – Enhanced zoom when aiming.
  • Battery upgrade – Doubles up the LaserKraftwerk battery power capacity.
  • Supercharge – Hold the trigger to charge up and fire extremely powerful laser beams.

Handgranate (Grenade)
The Handgranate ia a high explosive grenade.

You can never have enough of these beauties. All upgrades are viable, but if you want to level up the Electrical Stun Kills Perk easily, then get the Electromagnetic upgrade first. Brilliant for stunning mechanised units.


  • Fragmentation – When thrown, the fragmentation grenade will break into high-velocity metal fragments, shredding nearby enemy skin and bones to pieces.
  • Diesel – When thrown, the diesel infused grenades will cause a wide radius of fire, burning anyone within its range.
  • Electromagnetic – When thrown, the electromagnetic grenade will emit an electronic pulse, disabling all electronics within its blast radius for a short period of time.

Heavy Weapons:

Heavy weapons do not have the ability to be upgraded but completing the ‘Heavy Weapons Kills’ perk will increase magazine capacity by 100%.

The Lasergewehr fires high energy laser beams that if focused on one spot can overheat thin sheets of metal until they melt.

My personal favourite of the heavy weapons, as it is powerful and accurate with amazing range.

The Dieselgewehr launches ignited diesel through the air with high velocity.

Great against infantry, but weak against heavy armoured and mechanised enemies. This weapon is also the fastest way to level the ‘Kills by burning’ perk.

The Hammergewehr fires shotgun shells in super rapid succession by utilising four barrels.

Brilliant for mowing down the enemy in a bottleneck or Killzone, but as with the Schockhammer, it really lacks range.

MAXIMUM POWER. The Ubergewehr uses charged-up diesel to ignite and fire an Uber-shot.

This weapon looks amazeballs but takes an eternity to charge and therefore makes it useless. Brilliant sound effects and visuals on the firing of this titanic weapon, but it is, unfortunately, the weakest of the heavy weapons in terms of usefulness.

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