2K have announced the “significant,”overhaul for the King of the Ring mode in WWE SuperCard – Season 4, and we have all the details for you, right here:

New features for King of the Ring 2.0 include:

King of the Ring 2.0 – Shortened Duration

  • In King of the Ring 2.0, the time to complete an entire King of the Ring has been halved to just over one day, enabling players to get in and out much faster.
  • King of the Ring is still a mode where players manage their Superstar Stamina via Energy cards earned from smashing other players in different modes, but in Season 4, players can complete an entire King of the Ring in just over one day, while the player pool has been increased to 3; faster rounds, fewer games and better rewards.

King of the Ring 2.0 – Matches

  • With 32 players over four groups of eight, each pair of opponents plays to best of five games, and each game consists of five matches. The winner moves on, and the loser receives their rewards for playing.
  • After the first qualifier, a second qualifier is played in the same format, with eight players moving on to the final bracket. That final bracket will continue until the King of the Ring champion is crowned.

Finally, there’s King of the Ring 2.0 – Decks

  • A player’s King of the Ring deck will still consist of 12 cards: two male tag teams, three male Superstar cards, one female tag team, one female Superstar card and two Support card. The tier of each deck will determine who is in each player’s King of the Ring, and the rewards that can be earned.