Want to make the most of your shiny new Xbox One X? Then get a load of the 4K video for Hitman (GOTY) Game of the Year edition showing off its new looks.

Here are the enhancements for the Xbox One X:

  • Native 4k in High-Quality Mode – Haven’t upgraded to a 4K screen yet? Not a problem – anyone who owns a 1080p screen will also see vastly improved visual fidelity as the 4K image, including all the new details and pixel density, will be scaled down, thanks to the magic of “supersampling”.
  • 60 FPS in High Framerate Mode – Hitman targets 60 FPS and this will be the first time an IOI game is running at 60 FPS on any console.
  • HDR – Hitman already supports High Dynamic Range on the Xbox One S, giving a major boost to contrast ratio and colour accuracy. In combination with new colour grading, re-designed skyboxes and improved HDR adaptation rules, Hitman embraces the power of an HDR TV.
  • Increased Shadow Details – In High-Quality Mode, the game uses the extra GPU power of the Xbox One X to render shadows at twice the resolution, resulting in much more detail and an even more believable world for 47 to explore. Even shadows cast by small and delicate objects like tree branches or grass blades are now crisp and clearly drawn.
  • Improved Texture Sampling for both modes, Texture sampling quality has been improved and we use 2GB of extra memory to store more textures and stream them faster and in at a higher resolution. This allows texture detail and reducing the likelihood of low-quality textures appearing.