A new trailer for Deck 13’s action RPG The Surge has just been released. This trailer previews the game’s upcoming expansion: “A Walk in the Park”. The CREO World amusement park is a bright and colourful place that is full of new dangers.

CREO World is an amusement park gone wrong that was originally intended to bring entertainment to CREO’s employees and their families. The park is now overrun by various enemies that range from insane exoskeleton workers to deadly mechanical mascots. The trailer below gives players a glimpse into the perilous place that CREO World has become.

“A Walk in the Park” will be available on December 5th. The Surge: Complete Edition will also be available that same day. It comes with the full game and all of its DLCs, including “A Walk in the Park”. Both the expansion and the Complete Edition will be available for pre-order starting November 21st.