Buddy cop show in Victorian London?


New indie studio Salix Games have announced their murder mystery style game, Du Lac & Fey: Dance of Death, which will arrive on PC in 2018. The game will have players trying to figure out who this ruddy Jack the Ripper fellow is and bring an end to his series of pranks that involve killing people… what? They’re not pranks? Well anyway, take a look at the trailer bellow:

Salix Games is made up of ex-Lionhead, Rare, and Rocksteady employees, which is probably why the game’s design is so eerily familiar of the Fable series or even the upcoming Sea of Thieves – though that’s of little consequence here.

The game’s protagonists – which does sound like an ITV murder mystery duo, are atually Arthurian figures Lancelot and Morgana – who’s now a dog for some reason.

From what the trailer shows, Dance of Death comes across as an LA Noire style game set in Victorian London, complete with investigations, clue gathering, and hopefully chase scene down the murky cobblestoned streets of Whitechapel.

We haven’t been given a definitive date yet, though Salix are confident of the game having an early 2018 release for PC and the game is expected to release on consoles next year as well.