Hoodie Zero Dawn… is, is that a pun?


Insert Coin have announced the arrival of a brand-new Horizon Zero Dawn range to add to its already impressive catalogue of game-inspired clothing.

You’ll soon be able to get your hands on an Aloy inspired hoodie that tries to get the mixture of futuristic, yet tribal, fashion choice of Aloy and friends – also it’s warm, which is pretty good.

Insert Coin have also said that there will be Nora Tribe t-shirts, designs for A.I. Gaia, and Faro corporation.


The range is live right now, so take a look and treat yourself, I’m sure you deserve it… probably… not.


Disclaimer: Vikki Blake (Editor-in-Chief) is BFFs with the owner/founder of Insert Coin. As always, no relationships, personal or professional, were factored into this story.