Bandai Namco today released new information for its upcoming action-adventure title Code Vein.

There is a new character Nicola, and new features such as Ivy Blood Veil and Blood Code as well as a new location called the Ridge of Frozen Souls.

Mia’s little brother Nicola Karnstein is wandering in Vein land with his sister and they will protect each other in the different areas. The Ridge of Frozen Souls is a harrowing mountain pass that features limited visibility, narrow ledges, deep snow, and an ice-covered cave.

Players will also have to contend against a massive armoured enemy deep within the Ridge of Frozen Souls. This huge imposing figure is surprisingly fast and will combine its speed with its heavy shield to rush down the player.

To survive in the Vein, special attacks will be necessary! Blood Veils allow for powerful blood drain attacks that will make quick work of enemies and also regain Ichor, which is needed to perform additional skills. The new Ivy Blood Veil unleashes a swift attack, producing thorns that emerge from the ground, and pierces enemies from afar.

Other Blood Veils announced include Hounds, Ogres, and Stingers, each with their own attack power and range of use.

In Code Vein, you will be able to customise weapons, Blood Veils and a special blood type named Blood Code. Each Blood Code has a special skill depending on the owner. When players equip their character with the Blood Code feature, they will get the original owner’s special skills. For example, Ranger Blood Code will be useful in dungeons, Hunger Blood Code is for ranged battles and Berserker Blood Code is for short distance battles.

Code Vein will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC Digital in 2018.