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In the market for affordable VR glasses? If you have Gear VR glasses – or plan to buy some – we have selected six essential games and applications to take full advantage of the kit.

The best games and applications for Gear VR glasses
The Samsung Gear VR glasses have gained momentum due to their price reduction and the different promotions associated with the launch of their high-end smartphones, such as the Galaxy S7/S8. These particular devices, both Samsung and CardBoard type, require a smartphone to be used primarily as a screen.

In all cases, for now the use of VR glasses is based around immersive home theater experiences, seeing video games from a different point of view, and now – of course – our rampant use of social media applications. The Gear VR glasses feature Oculus technology, and part of its content, applications and games is in the virtual reality giant’s own store. As the company puts more than 200 applications and games in our glasses, we have selected the top six that we think are really are worth it… and if you don’t already have VR, you will afterwards. Of course, we all hope that someday, we can play games for money using the glasses.

Remember that most applications and games will have to be found on Oculus the store.

Dark Days: The fashion of the Escape Rooms in virtual reality. A motel and different challenges / puzzles to be solved in order to succeed (€4).

Minecraft Gear VR: The Minecraft universe, with those pixels and simple mechanics based on building, is perfectly recreated in the version that Mojang and Microsoft have released for Gear VR (€7).

Hitman Go: VR Edition: The Hitman universe in a completely different format. The version for the Gear VR or the Oculus is a turn-based strategy game where you have to overcome riddles, unexpected rivals and many puzzles and mazes. (€4).

Star map: The idea of looking at the sky and moving through all those stars, planets and constellations is another of the environments that match perfectly with virtual reality glasses. This simulation in real time allows you to travel the entire solar system with your VR glasses without leaving home. (€2.49).

Swat Academy: A first person shooter where our ability moving between tests and challenges will serve us to be a soldier who will face, of course, zombies. (€4).

Rush: A jump into the void that becomes a test of aim and skill in which we must add points or make the journey in the shortest time possible. There are different scenarios, but all of them recreated and not real. (€4).

These six games above should be considered when you use Gear VR Glasses and want to take full advantage of the glasses.