A reworked version of a Newgrounds classic, Yeah Jam Fury fuses the character-switching of Trine with the madcap challenge of Super Meat Boy! Players will get to use all three of their egos – Yeah, Jam, and Fury – to create blocks, scale walls, and destroy everything that stands in the path of their righteous mango.

This platformer will test your speed and ingenuity in over 100 levels of smiley blocks and falls into the abyss. The mango lies in wait for you to reach out and grab it. And this trio of dudes is just about hungry enough to help you.

Yeah, AKA Mr Fabricate takes steady aim and fires blocks to set the path. He’s good at controlling everything except his mouth.

Jam, AKA Mr Navigate, is so full of energy he literally bounces off the walls. Good luck getting a handle on him.

Fury, AKA Mr Eradicate, AKA Lover Boy, is the meat. He can’t jump, but blocks break in his wake.

Key features:

  • Over 100 levels of unique puzzle-platforming nonsense
  • Create and share your own machinations with the game’s level builder
  • Dozens of brag-worthy Achievements
  • Lead the pack on the Steam Leaderboards
  • Sturdy gamepad support
  • Whimsical cloud save data

Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody! will be released via Steam on PC