Dragons in Elder Scrolls Online! Or, rather… undead dragons in Elder Scrolls Online!

Zenimax Online Studios have finally given details for the first major 2018 update in ESO; a two-dungeon DLC Game Pack called Dragon Bones, and Update 17, a free addition for everyone, including new features and upgrades, both of which are expected to launch in February.

Elder Scrolls Online

The Dragon Bones DLC will have two new dungeons – Scalecaller Peak and Fang Lair – in normal and veteran modes, with a veteran Hard Mode for each final boss. You’ll be fighting enemies such as plague-ridden ogres, powerful sorcerers and their undead creations, and even the reanimated bones of an ancient dragon. There’s also new items, monster sets, collectibles, and achievements, as well as a Renegade Dragon Priest mask, which you’ll get just by entering one of the dungeons.

It’ll be free for ESO Plus members, or available from the Crown Store.

ESO Clockwork City | GGS Gamer

Update 17, on the other hand, will release simultaneously with Dragon Bones, and is free for everyone. It’ll include the Outfit System, letting players customise their equipment’s looks despite their armour, two new battlegrounds (the Orc Stronghold of Mor Khazgur and the Dwarven ruins of Deeping Drome) to 4v4v4 multiplayer mayhem, though you will need Morrowind to use these.

Then there’s Home Storage, which will allow players to safely lock items in their houses via the Homestead housing system, new Level Up and Skills Advisors, showing players the best upgrades when they level up, plus improvements to combat, making it easier to identify and activate ability synergies.

Keep an eye out for these upgrades next month.