Welcome everyone to my first One Hour Tour of 2018! And I start off with my favorite game of 2017: Friday the 13th! Yes, I know I did a few of those in the past, but this time, I was playing in Offline Mode with bots.

I actually recorded this on Christmas Day. I wanted to stream it on Christmas 2016, but as we all know, the game was pushed out of 2016 so it couldn’t be done. So I rain-checked it until Christmas 2017.

Offline mode allows players to play as Jason non-stop against up to 7 A.I. controlled counselors. Players can choose from Easy, Medium or Hard difficulty. While bots aren’t efficient as human controlled counselors, they can be pretty smart. They can manage to call the cops and even escape, so Jason needs to utilize all of skills to hunt them down as fast as possible.

I’m super excited for the upcoming Story mode to be implemented in this game later this year so expect a One Hour Tour video when that’s available!