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Many CS:GO players know how often you can get deceived when it comes to in-game skins purchase, sale or exchange. There are many situations when inattentive users lose both skins and money. Swindlers think out for new ways of getting skins for free from you and below you can read the list of the most popular ways of cheating on you.

However, if you do not want to think about cheaters at all it is better to deal with – a marketplace that guarantees 100% fair operations and high prices for the skins that you will sell. Soon there will be implemented an option of purchase and protected exchange as well and in contrary with unsafe Steam exchange you will be guaranteed that the deal is completed on fair terms.

Ways to Deceive You on Steam

The scammers for hours look for the victim on servers and forums, and then begin to spin the web, offering skins at very low prices. Further, when you come across and make a payment, the swindler just doesn’t confirm exchange and throws the user in the blacklist.

Many, probably, have thought that they would never buy on that, but proceeding from numerous cases, thieves can persuade even the most, apparently, tough players. On YouTube there are a lot of examples of such frauds. So, it is always better to protect the deal in advance.

Such a cheater can also sell a skin of other quality, than prescribed. For example, you may deal with the swindler that sells an item with a lower real StarTrak indicator.

If the swindler nevertheless managed to cheat the player there is only one option left – to contact Steam technical support. And there are two options to solve the problem: the request can be either submitted or declined.

To increase chances of the request to be considered by the support service it is better to write a letter in English and without mistakes. You should point out:

  • your account ID
  • thief’s account ID and other data you know
  • chat screenshots
  • any other materials that can be associated with the case.

If on your account there were no problems earlier and it is the first case of theft, then in 80% of a case of Valve returns the stolen skins. In any other case you may get a refusal on restoration. One more bad thing about the case – you can wait for an answer for a month or even longer.

Theft of Steam Account

Besides a direct skins theft, there is even more sophisticated and cruel way to get them – theft of the personal account with all games, all skins and other remainings.

That’s why you need to consider entering a reliable password and look carefully after the devices you log in to the Steam account from.