Trion Worlds, the publisher of popular MMO ‘RIFT’ has announced a new way to play its MMO. The new service is born thanks to ongoing community feedback with its player base, and the game will receive a fresh start on a new subscription-based server.

This is a change in the popular free-to-play business models which a lot of MMO’s employ, normally backed up by in-game purchases and microtransactions. Instead, RIFT will be offering the choice to go back to a monthly subscription, but offering all of its content through progressive unlocks.

The main goal of the service is to offer players a sought-after alternative way to play the game, it will also include a cosmetic-only store with no lock-boxes, allowing for current store-based items to be obtained through gameplay.

More details on ‘RIFT prime’ subscription pricing and a release date, will be revealed soon.