First announced in June of 2017 and followed by a strong showing at E3, Iron Galaxy, and Modus Games have unveiled an April 10th release date for Extinction.

Players can pre-order the regular and deluxe editions of Iron Galaxy’s upcoming title. The former will retail for £54.99 while the latter, which includes a Season pass (of course), will go for £64.99. Digital editions will be up for pre-order early next month. The Season Pass will also be available as a standalone for £12.99.

Extinction tells the story of Avil, the last of the legendary Sentinels who are the only one capable to taking down the giant Ogres known as Ravenii. Thanks to Avil’s whip, players will be able to unleash a full-scale assault on monstrous beasts in order to save the the people of Dolorum.

*Extinction** will be available on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One and PC on April 10, 2018.*