It’s a far cry from a bad deal

If you’ve been looking for a reason to get a PS Plus membership and the free monthly games haven’t twisted your arm yet, how about this: PlayStation are giving away standard digital copies of Far Cry 4 if you get a one-year online subscription. You may have already played the game – and if you have, thanks for reading this much of the article. If you haven’t though, why not look at what the game has in store for you:

Ubisoft’s open-world shooter offers some bloody beautiful environments, a fair amount of guns and ‘splosions, and a fairly enticing story – so if you’ve been meaning to play Far Cry 4 but just haven’t got round to it, this, ladies and gentlemen, is your chance. Plus, you’ll finally get to play online and get murdered by a bunch of nerdy 12-year-olds on COD or Titanfall 2, win win?

The offer is only available to players getting their membership for the first time (thanks Sony) and the game will appear in your library automatically all ready for you to download at your leisure. The one-year membership will cost you £50, but offers some nifty extras for your PS4, with extra online storage, extra discounts on games, and free games each month being the big hitters if you’re not too keen on online multiplayer