Insidia is a turn-based strategy game from new Italian indie developer Bad Seed. In the game, two players confront each other in fast-paced battles and command a band of four powerful heroes.

Insidia’s combat system features quick turns taken simultaneously with flexible combos. With one simple order, delivered in seconds, all heroes can join forces to initiate attacks. Abilities are at the core of the games combat system. While every player can directly control only one hero during each turn, the remaining champions of the team will perform automatic actions.

As well as just attacking, players will also have to capture critical objects in order to destroy the enemy teams defences and destroy their base, a strategy that will be familiar to most MOBA enthusiasts.

Insidia has also integrated itself with Faceit to help with tournaments, leagues, and ladders. Thanks to this feature, Insidia is hoping to become a popular competitive esport.

Insidia will launch on PC later this month.