Extry extry, read all about it

Didn’t get your fill of gaming news this week? Well, lucky for you we’ve gathered the biggest stories – and the strangest – for you to have a look through while you enjoy a nice cup of tea. This week there were quite a tweets, leaks, and more so have a look below.

New Game: Black Ops 4

After a slog of Sledgehammer developed Call of Duty titles, 2018 looks set to see the return of Treyarch with Black Ops 4 pretty much confirmed for later this year. What started as a series of tweets from self-proclaimed “industry-insider” Marcus Sellars seems to have been confirmed by “multiple sources,” according to Eurogamer.

What isn’t yet confirmed is whether or not the latest instalment of Black Ops will be available for the Switch. Sellars mentioned it in his tweet, but there hasn’t been any definitive word yet – but then again, the game itself hasn’t been announced outside a few dim corridors, so who knows?

Whilst past Black Ops games have seen players wage war across the past, present, and future, it seems like Back Ops 4 will try to further undo the damage done by Infinite Warfare by bringing the story back to a relatively modest setting similar to COD WW2. Whilst the game hasn’t been officially announced, it seems like a safe bet for this year’s COD title.

The Rumour-Mill: Red Dead Royale?

A series of Rockstar leaks received by Trusted Reviews seems to point to a battle royale mode being included in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red Dead 2 battle royale | GGS Gamer

According to the outlet, the details include pointers to three online modes: a “Battle Royale” mode, a mode called “Revive and Survive,” and a “Money Grabber” mode. Whilst the latter modes seem fairly conventional for a Rockstar game, with Revive and Survive being a team death match style game, and Money Grabber being something similar to a Bounty Hunter mode, the Battle Royale mode – if it is true – does seem to suggest that Rockstar are looking to cash in on the recent success of PUBG and Fortnite. Though whether or not the mode is a similar style to those two titles remains to be seen.

And finally… the Mega Drive has a new game

Well, Sega’s consoles may have been shoved aside by Sony and Microsoft, but that doesn’t mean games have stopped being made for it… well, it does, but a new game has arrived for the console nevertheless.

Reported on by the BBC (yes, they have a gaming section) Matt Philips, founder of Big Evil Corporation, has created Tanglewood – the first Mega Drive exclusive for about 20 years.

Source: BBC News

Matt’s platformer game was built using the same code and development equipment used during the Mega Drive’s lifetime. So, forget Unreal, forget Windows 10, actually just forget all of it. Tanglewood was built using assembled parts of a Windows 95 PC and Mega Drive CD, with the cartridge itself having to be made in China, and the PCB (the stuff that goes inside the cartridge) being built in Canada.

Whilst the game has been created for the Mega Drive, Matt has said that Sega weren’t able to officially license it as they don’t actually have the processes or relevant departments for QA testing. It’s perhaps for this reason then that Tanglewood will be ported over to the PC at some point in the near future; until then though, it seems the Mega Drive really does have a timed exclusive after 20 long barren years.