Created by BAFTA-winning game studio Preloaded, in collaboration with BBC Earth Productions and BBC Studio’s VR team, BBC Earth: Life In VR Californian Pacific Coast has come to fruition.

With the worldwide popularity of the BBC’s natural history programmes such as Blue Planet, there has been a buzz and real interest in the goings on of the Earths ecosystems, especially life in our largely unexplored ocean. To capitalise on the success of these programs and continue to teach more people about the importance of our planets fragile balance, BBC Worldwide and Google have teamed up to bring fans of the BBC’s natural history programmes an innovative and immersive virtual reality experience.

The journey begins on the Californian Pacific Coast, following a mother sea otter as she forages in the coastal waters. After exploring kelp forests the player can plunge into the depths of an oceanic trench, experiencing this unique environment and behaviour of the animals who live there. Along the way they meet and can interact with a range of animals from microscopic plankton to giant squid and a gargantuan sperm whale.

“We are really excited to be working with Google to bring BBC nature content to Daydream. VR allows us to provide our audiences with a new level of immersion unparalleled by other mediums and tell stories of the natural world in a new and exhilarating way,” said Bradley Crooks, Head of Digital Entertainment & Games, BBC Worldwide.

BBC Earth: Life In VR Californian Pacific Coast the game is available now from Google Play as a free downloadable app. Users will need a Daydream ready smartphone and Daydream View headset to operate the experience.