World of Warships Blitz has sailed onto mobile devices and amassed over 3 Million Players in 3 Weeks, quite the impressive feat. This is the latest free-to-play action game from Wargaming Mobile who has managed to capture the epic naval experience of its PC counterpart and downsize it to play on mobile devices, whilst keeping the feel of the game.

Battle in over 90 iconic ships, with four distinct ship classes, all of which can be customised with an array of equipment. Take your vessel to real-world inspired locations from around the globe and partake in some high-intensity 7 vs 7 encounters in this mobile action MMO.

The 7 vs 7 battles are perfectly optimised for the mobile platform, allowing players to experience the speed and stealth of destroyers, endurance and firepower of battleships, manoeuvrability and agility of cruisers, or the tactical and multi-tasking challenge of aircraft carriers.

World of Warships Blitz is available now from the App Store and Google Play.