It’s fresh off the presses, sort of

Didn’t get your fill of gaming news this week? Well, lucky for you we’ve gathered the biggest stories – and the strangest – for you to have a look through while you enjoy a nice cup of tea.

It may not have as dramatic a week for news as last week, but there’s still a lot of stories worth taking a look at below:

New Game: The Missing

Deadly Prmonition creator Hidetaka Suehiro took to the internet airwaves yesterday to reveal his next project; The Missing. Suehiro, accompanied by a stuffed monkey for some reason, wasn’t forthcoming with specifics about the debut title for White Owls, describing it only as a game for those who “feel lost in your everyday life.”

The reveal didn’t show off any gameplay, instead only showing snippets of people and lonely looking islands, before abruptly descending into a montage of chaos as the video draws to a close. So, whatever The Missing is, it seems safe to say it’ll be as weird as the previous titles Suehiro has worked on before.

Videogamer have reported that the game is set for a 2018 release on consoles, though no specific date has been given yet.

New Stuff: Nintendo Labo is Magic Cardboard

It seems fair to say that after the reveal of Nintendo Labo, people wouldn’t quite shut up about it for a while, with speculation as to what the Labo was capable of running rampant. And so, just as the dust had seemed to settle on the new project, Nintendo released the first of a series of videos showcasing what the cardboard can do.

Switch users can look forward to creating strange peripheries for their console that include a fishing rod, motorbike, turning your Switch into a remote control car, and even a bloody piano!

The Toy-Con series of videos will continue to release until the April 27 launch of the Nintendo Labo, so if you plan on picking it up, take a look at how it all works first.

Rumour Mill: Return of the Spyro?

Off the back of the success that the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy had last year, it seems Spyro might be in line for a similar re-release just in time for its 20th aniversary, reports Kotaku.

According to the site, the Spyro remaster would be released with all the games included, being treated to a host of new assets to pretty the games up after a few years in the gaming wilderness.

Kotaku has suggested that Spyro would be set for a PlayStation release this year, with the game than arriving on other consoles and PC for 2019. Whilst Activision haven’t yet officially confirmed the remaster, Kotaku have said it’s been confirmed by “multiple sources” from within the company.

Rumour Mill: Sony hint at ID changes

Remember when you first got your PlayStation ID? Remember how you thought it’d be “sick” to call yourself something a bit intimidating, like “Super_sNyp_Killa-Elite” – remember how embarrassing that name is five years on? Well, good new! Because according to Push Square and Videogamer, Sony could finally be heading towards letting players change ID tags after sending out a survey to gauge whether ‘gamers are interested in the feature or not.”

This is by no means a done deal, with the survey only posing the question rather than committing to any changes being made. Though, the survey does suggest that the model in mind would allow players to change their name multiple times for free, but you’d be stuck with the name for at least six months.

Both Push Square and Videogamer have suggested that Sony could later charge players to change their names, similar to the Xbox model, but nothing is set in stone.

And Finally… Who needs guns when you have TheseKnivesOnly?

The whole point of a shooting game is, well, to shoot people. But try telling that to YouTuber TheseKnivesOnly, who’s managed to rake in 32,000 kills using only melee weapons.

The streamer, who has reached the Master Prestige level using an assortment of close combat weapons, Recon Aircraft, and Counter Recon score streaks, is apparently the first player to achieve the ranking without firing a bullet – which isn’t that surprising.