With millions worldwide playing the PC version, now console gamers have the chance to play Armored Warfare, which has been released on PlayStation 4 by My.com.

This tank-action shooter is now available free for those who own a PS4, and doesn’t require a PS Plus subscription. You can download a special free starter bundle from the PlayStation Store, which includes a unique LAV-150, 90 vehicles with a PlayStation skin, one day of Premium Time, 500K game credit, 500 gold, a three day rental of a range of exclusive vehicles, and finally, a 20% discount on all Starter Packs!

In Armored Warfare, you’ll take control of the best, cutting edge tech that tanks have to offer -  the German built Leopard, the heavy Russian T-72 AV, and the notorious, battle proven American M1Abrams. Team up with your friends for intense co-op missions across large, interactive maps, and through Global Operations mode (a unique blend of PvP and PvE modes), players may also take part in a challenging mix of competitive and co-operative gameplay.

There’s also four Starter Packs you can purchase, for special items or vehicles, but the game itself is free to download and play. The battlefields are open now, so what are you waiting for?