Have you ever wished that you could explore the world of Eos as Half-Life’s Gordon Freeman? No? Me neither, but it looks like PC players will get the chance to if they pre-order Final Fantasy 15 through Steam. In addition to the Half-Life Pack, which includes the HEV Suit, Scientist Glasses and Crowbar, pre-orders via Steam will also net you the ‘FFXV Fashion Collection,’ containing various t-shirts for Noctis to choose from.

Pre-ordering the game via the Microsoft Store will give you the ‘FFXV Powerup Pack,’ containing a powerful weapon that depletes your enemy’s defence with each hit, as well as ten phoenix downs and ten elixirs. Buying the game directly from Microsoft also has other advantages as the save files are compatible with the Xbox One version and will allow cross-play with Xbox One for the multiplayer expansion, Comrades.

If you choose to pre-order via Origin, you’ll get the ‘FFXV Decal Selection,’ containing a number of decals for the Regalia. More details relating to Origin pre-order bonuses are expected to be revealed at a later time.

The Final Fantasy 15 demo is available on PC from February 26, while the full game will be released on March 6, 2018.