The first major update of 2018 has come to The Elder Scrolls Online – a two dungeon DLC pack called Dragon Bones, and Update 17, which comes with a whole load of new features and upgrades for console players.

The DLC Game Pack Dragon Bones contains two new dungeons - Scalecaller Peak and Fang Lair – in both normal and veteran modes. You’ll get new items and monster sets, collectibles, and achievements, as well as a Renegade Dragon Priest mask, just for entering one of the dungeons. The DLC Game Pack is available free for ESO Plus members, or is otherwise available for purchase from the Crown Store.

Update 17, on the other hand, is being released alongside Dragon Bones, and is free for everyone. This update includes a revamped outfit system, two new battlegrounds, a home storage system, additional gameplay features like level up and skill advisors, and various strategical improvements to combat.

PC and Mac players have had this update since February 12, so now the Xbox One and PS4 crew can finally get in on the action!