Each week we’ll give you the low-down on the games that have been keeping the GGS Gamer staff busy on their consoles, PCs and handhelds.

Here’s what we’ve been playing this week …


  • Destiny 2 (PS4) – Ostensibly helping a friend completed the new DLC, but really I just wanted another chance to play through the story again, as it didn’t really stick first time around. I’m still confused, to be honest.
  • Metal Gear Survive (PS4): – No-one’s sure why Konami decided a zombie survival game was exactly what the Metal Gear series needed, least of all me. It’s still early-ish days (I’m about 10 hours in), but at the time of writing, I find the derivative combat, humdrum environments and absolutely dreadful dialogue toe-curlingly boring. Maybe it’ll improve as I get to grips with it but for now, I’m disappointed.
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (XB1) – Winner winner chicken dinner #7, courtesy of a couple of forgiving final circles that FINALLY went our way.
  • Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet (PS4) – Maybe it’s pretty good if you like the anime. I don’t, though. Another toe-curler.



  • Past Cure (XB1) – Had this one on my radar for a month or so; I’m barely a few hours in and it’s an interesting mix of genres. There’s a bit of Eternal Darkness, Max Payne and Psi-Ops. Can’t wait to play more.
  • Bayonetta 2 (Switch) – If my Switch could stop getting warm after 15 minutes, I could make some progress. Playing here and there; had been so long since I played it on Wii U, I don’t remember jack; so it feels like a brand new game!



  • Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (PS4) – This platinum is gonna take forever…
  • Metal Gear Survive (PS4) – I know… I’m sorry Kojima-san… But, I’ve been playing this with a friend and it’s quite a bit of fun, I’m a sucker for exploration in games and this isn’t a terrible game although it does have its flaws but so do most modern games. I do love people reacting to the whole using in-game currency to make a new save but this is a survival game people, you’re not going to want to start a new game well, I don’t at least but hey maybe that’s just me and the other people that have actually gave this game a chance. Remember guys, we are mad at Konami’s head honchos, not the poor development staff who have poured blood, sweat and tears into this game.



  • Diablo 3 (PC) – New Season, new Crusader. Diablo 3 has started season 13 over the weekend, so I’ve been enticed back to Sanctuary to dispatch thousands of evildoers. Managed to get to Greater Rift 73 solo so far, but can’t get much higher without better gear. So back to grinding more loot.



  • Diablo 3 (PC) – Season 13 started, so I’ve rolled (another) necromancer. Leveled it to 70 on the first night and now I’m not sure if I can be arsed with all the grinding to get geared.
  • Dark Souls 3 (PS4) – My heart isn’t in this game yet, though I have barely had a chance to play it. I need a good few hours to sit down and really get to grips with it.
  • Bloodborne (PS4) – Jumping back into the hunt every now and again to progress on the NG+.



  • Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom (PC): I got to have a quick go on the upcoming JRPG and whilst I was only able to put in about three hours, the game seems really solid. Level 5 have done well to keep a lot of what worked in the first game, namely the design, whilst not being scared to change things up with the battle system. The time I had with the game managed to persuade me that it’s definitely a game to pick up when it releases next month.
  • Soul Calibur VI (PC): Again, I only got to play this for an hour or so, but being the first Soul Calibur I’ve played since the third, it was bloody brilliant to jump back in to see that the game hasn’t changed too much but what is new makes each fight a sweaty palm-fuelled, controller twisting experience – just as I remembered.
  • Far Cry 4 (PS4): I think I’m only adding to the problems in Kyrat, last time I decided to save an opium field instead of destroying it, so now the rebels are also drug-runners… hooray?


How about you?

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