Ever wanted to feel Like Thomas the Tank Engine and whizz around Sodor at 125mph? Weeeeeell… now you can with the help of Train Sim Worlds Founders Edition. Ok, so Sodor isn’t in there, but you get the drift. This exclusive train simulator will be available on Xbox One on March 9.

Train Sim World Founders Edition has been crafted by Dovetail Games, a developer with experience in multiple simulation type games. Using the power of Unreal Engine 4, and their proprietary vehicle dynamics engine, you can now hop into the cab of a locomotive behemoth and pretend to be a train driver, using real-world data to accurately replicate the performance, sound and feel of real trains.

Optimised for a console, Train Sim World hopes to strike a balance between accessibility and authenticity, allowing players that are new to simulation games to be able to quickly get into the action. There is also a “Service Mode” which allows you to complete real-world activities in different trains. Better watch out for those leaves on the line, if you want to get your passengers to there stations on time.

Train Sim World will be available on Xbox One from March 9.