In a recent press release, Ubisoft has announced its post-launch plan for the upcoming release of Far Cry 5. While the game is set to hit stores on March 27th, a broad swathe of additional content has already been planned to continue the game after its initial launch. Players will be able to purchase and play a wide variety of content, including DLC, arcade, and live events. The DLC will be available through the season pass or by buying the gold edition of the game.

The DLC announced so far include:

  • Hours of Darkness: Where players will take up arms as soldiers against the Viet Cong.
  • Dead Living Zombies: A zombie survival mode inspired by b-horror movies.
  • Lost on Mars: Where players defend Earth from an extraterrestrial invasion.


Players who purchase the season pass will also receive a copy of Far Cry 3.

Additionally, Ubisoft also announced the Far Cry Arcade. This interactive mode allows fans to edit and create maps, including ones from other popular Ubisoft titles. These maps can then be used in solo, co-op, and PvP modes. Far Cry 5 will also feature a number of live events. These events will reward players with special items and cosmetics as they accomplish in-game challenges.